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Today, I will discuss home facial toning equipment. For many years, I have been a strong supporter of CACI’s non-surgical face-lift surgery to tone and lift facial muscles.
Over the years, I have tried many machines, and I believe that CACI is the best. They did bring out some home care machines to use between treatments, but there was a problem with the battery. I hope they can redevelop them as I think.
I will discuss some home care machines sold in the market by various companies.
My personal opinion on the treatment of toning and firming the skin is best done in the salon with suitable equipment. I tend to use various machines so that I can make collagen and muscles. I also think that if you can continue to treat muscles at home between treatments, you will get the best results.
I’m not talking about liquid toner that you use after cleaning; I’m talking about a device that can be used at home, which is designed to tighten and shine facial muscles.
Such devices are usually designed with micro currents, which can stimulate facial muscles to help lift and tone the face, making the face look younger. This is why the term non-surgical face-lifting is often used.
If you use facial toning equipment regularly to keep your skin healthy, you won’t be able to achieve the results of surgery, but if you start using it when you are young, you can keep your muscles longer. It can also promote aging skin by tightening muscles, improving facial contour and skin tone, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and improving skin appearance.
The treatment should be painless and you may feel a slight tingling. After this treatment, besides producing a healthy glow, there should be no side effects.
I suggest you choose the FDA approved device and buy the best device at the price within your budget, check online reviews and conduct in-depth research to find the device that suits your skin. You may need to consider the following:
When looking for a facial toning device for home care, the massager itself does not tone the muscles like a device that uses a micro-current tank. Yes, massaging the face will increase the blood supply to the skin and help promote local circulation and promote healthy skin tissue. Microcurrent will work deeper and help make muscles tense, so please choose carefully.
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Post time: Nov-11-2020